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All users

Please keep your login details private. If you allow someone else to use your login details it could be a breach of the Computer Misuse and Data Protection Acts.

Please be aware of the limitations of personality questionnaires. For example, no questionnaire is 100% accurate and the results can be sometimes be incorrect. The questionnaires at this site, as with all others based on the same theory, do not have 'motivational distortion scales' to identify the extent to which the results have been influenced by context or social pressure. They have been validated for identifying personality type and career enjoyment, but not for other applications such as recruitment. The questionnaires identify preference (MMDI) or behaviours required to be successful (JDQ) but they do not identify skill/competencies or context-specific behaviour.

Please make fair and legal use of the website. Do not do things that might bring the website unfairly into disrepute, disrupt the operation of the website, or disrupt other users' use or enjoyment of the site.

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Any outstanding credit, after purchase and partial use, is non-refundable and has no monetary value. Any refunds where no credit has been used have a maximum limit of the purchase amount.

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It is your responsibility to find out, and stick to:

This can vary depending on how you are using the system. For example, the responsibilities might be low if you are simply paying for someone else to obtain their own private reports.

However, if you plan to read the reports, and offer advice and insight, you will need extensive knowledge and up-to-date training in the relevant field of expertise (e.g. as a career counsellor or organisational development practitioner). This will include adhering to ethical guidelines such as (amongst others) not using the results in a judgmental manner, or in any way that damages self-esteem or imposes a limit on an individual's functioning or potential. There is also legislation in some countries that, for example, makes it illegal to ask someone to complete a questionnaire with a purpose for which that questionnaire has not been validated, or to divulge information to a third party without their permission.

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