Career options

Sample personality matches

Each of the twelve match diagrams below compares your unique personality (blue) with a career profile (red). You can click on an image to see an expanded version in a new tab. These profiles are based on research with 17,000 people already in work, which showed the behaviours required to be successful in the job. The Full Report Pack includes approximately 300 careers, with additional information and analysis for each one.

Interpreting the ‘match’ score

The research also looked at job enjoyment. It showed that you do not need a job to be an exact match for it to be enjoyable. As the diagram shows, a 65% match is as enjoyable as an 85% match. Above and below that range, job enjoyment starts to drop off, and a 55% match is as enjoyable as a 95% match. Please note that enjoyment of jobs can vary due to other factors, such as the relationship you have with your boss or the exact type/nature of the work. Also, your personality can change as you get older.

Match diagrams

There is no data to analyse. Please complete the MMDI personality questionnaire first.

Further information

The Full Report Pack matches your profile against 300 careers and provides:

  • a detailed analysis of the difference between you and the job profile;
  • additional career information such as a description, what people like or dislike about it (not all careers), expected salary level, etc.;
  • the ability to sort, search, or refine the list using job title, subject area, salary expectations, personality match, and how inherently enjoyable the job is (i.e. irrespective of personality match).

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