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Cookies and Privacy Policy

This site is operated by Team Technology, which is registered as a Data Controller with the UK Information Commissioner's Office. If you have any concerns, questions, or requests about our use of your data, that are not addressed by the information on this page, you should contact us in the first instance.

If you wish to destroy all cookies and session data, please go to our logout page (this is irreversible).


Cookies are an essential part of the functionality we provide. They help you log in and out, ensure you receive the correct information, and keep that information private. We also use cookies for the non-essential purpose of helping improve how our website operates. For this we use Google Analytics, who provide anonymous summary reports on how our site is used.

If you are using a public or shared browser, when you have finished you can keep your information private by logging out and then closing the browser. This will delete the cookies that contain your private information. If you are using your own private computer, the cookies can keep you logged in ready for the next time you visit the site.

All the information in our cookies is private because we use a secure protocal (https). Only you, your browser, and our website can see what they contain. The cookies set by Google Analytics can also be viewed by them, and are subject to Google's privacy policies.

Privacy Policy


We keep an absolute minimum of data that is required for us to run the website and provide you with a service. In particular:

  • We do not use email lists nor send out marketing emails.
  • When you visit our website, we use Google analytics cookies to collate anonymous data to produce aggregate reports on how our website is used.
  • We also set cookies that hold session data. This is normally deleted once you leave the website and close your browser.
    There is one exception. If you contact us, the system sends us the session data along with your message. This is to help us solve any problems you might have had when accessing the website.
  • If you complete a questionnaire, your results are held in the session data. This means that (in most cases) they are discarded once you leave the website and close the questionnaire.
    There are three exceptions that involve us storing your results:
    1. If you log in using Facebook, our system then creates an account for you at our website and stores your results in that account.
    2. If you purchase a set of reports or purchase business credit. We store your name, and email as part of the financial transaction. If applicable, we also store your results to produce the reports.
    3. If you complete a questionnaire that has been set up by a business administrator. Your results are then stored and accessible to both you and the administrator.
  • We do not pass your information on to anyone else.
    There are a small number of expections, detailed below, where we may need to pass your data to someone else for technical/legal reasons (e.g., if we sell the business).

Deleting your data

When you have stored your data, we will keep it until you ask us to delete it (some users wish to retrieve their reports years later.) If you wish to delete your stored data, or have any other request, please contact us (or use the menu option at the top of the screen). If you have completed a questionnaire that has been set up by a business administrator, please also contact that administrator and ask them to archive your records. Once your record has been archived, we will delete it permanently. Please note that data related to financial transactions cannot be deleted for six years.

Information we Collect About You

The website automatically collects certain information, including: the site and/or pages you visited previously; the browser you are using; and your IP address. This information does not identify you. We use it for internal purposes to monitor how the website is being used.

If you complete an online personality questionnaire on the website, your results are stored in a cookie on your computer.

If you purchase a report or otherwise contact us with an email address, we do not use it for marketing purposes or pass your information on to anyone else. We will only contact you when it is necessary as part of the service we provide, or if you have chosen to opt-in to a mailing list.

Who we Share Your Information With (including GDPR sub-processors)

We do not share your information with anyone except:

  • We may pass your information to the police or another similar body if it is requested.
  • If we sell Team Technology or merge with another business we may pass your information to the prospective purchaser or the other business.
  • If you ask us for information about a consultancy service we may give your email address to one of our associates so they can reply to you.
  • If you purchase a report, we pass your order information to Paypal so they can process your financial payment. We do not see any of your financial information. They pass your order details back to us along with your name and email address, so we can send you a link to your reports.
  • We use Google Analytics, which provides us with anonymous data that shows how our websites are accessed.
  • We use Facebook to enable you to login at the website.

Use of Facebook

We use Facebook only to enable you to log in, and to ensure that only you have access to your information. We do not post to your wall, send messages to friends, use your information for marketing - nor anything similar.

If you wish, you can choose to share some of your results/images on Facebook. Buttons are provided under the images to do that. After pressing the button, before appearing on your timeline, Facebook will show you what will appear and give you opportunity to comment. When other Facebook users click on the link, it will take them to a special open-access share page where they will see your results image and a description of it. Clicking on that link does not give Facebook users access to the data that is only visible to you when you are logged in.


We do our best to keep your information secure. The website has security features such as backups and firewalls etc.

Links to Other Sites

There are links to other websites on - e.g., to Paypal for the secure processing of your report order. These sites have their own privacy policies and we are not liable for any use made of your information by such websites.


English Law applies to this privacy policy.  Any dispute will be heard by the English courts. You are deemed to have accepted this when you use the website.

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