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Your Mental Muscle Diagram

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Type Dynamics

There is much more to personality type theory than the four preferences. ‘Type dynamics’ describes four basic psychological functions that everyone has, but use in different ways. Your current type dynamics are represented by your mental muscle diagram.

  • The larger the bubble, the more you tend to use that function.
  • When the bubble is to the left of the dotted line you are using it in the inner world of ideas and information (introversion).
  • When the bubble is to the right, you are using the function in the outer world (extraversion).
  • When bubbles are higher up, they have more influence on your personality.
  • The function at the top of the diagram is the one in control (the 'dominant' function) and has a disproportionate effect on the whole personality.
  • The function at the bottom tends to be problematic (the 'inferior' function) but is also a source of personal development.

Deepen your self-awareness

There is an in-depth examination of your type dynamics in the Premium Report Pack.

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  • takes an advanced look at your personality
  • examines how each of the functions takes a different form as a result of the position in the hierarchy
  • considers how your personality is viewed differently from the perspective of the two versions of the theory, developed by Isabel Briggs Myers and Carl Gustav Jung
  • introduces some more advanced concepts, such as best fit type, active and passive functions, and individuation

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