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Full Report Pack

There are over 200 pages of materials tailored to your results to help you develop your career and relationships. It is available for immediate download in PDF format and includes:

  • Personality Type Report (18pp)
  • Careers Report (50pp)
  • Online Career Analysis
  • Leadership Report (40pp)
  • Type Dynamics Report (23pp)
  • Self-awareness Card Game
  • Influencing People Using Myers Briggs book

There is no data to purchase reports. Please complete the MMDI personality questionnaire first or choose your own results.

Myers-Briggs Typology vs Jungian Individuation

For advanced readers, you can buy this new book from The publisher (Routledge) says:

Steve Myers unravels the century-long misinterpretation of Jung's seminal text, Psychological Types, to show how Jung's thinking offers solutions to the conflicts that have torn apart our societies. By challenging the popular interpretation of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® and similar instruments, Myers argues that we have not only missed Jung's main proposition, but our contemporary interpretation runs counter to it.

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