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To provide a report of your results, please complete the MMDI questionnaire first. If you have already completed the questionnaire, and saved your results, you can retrieve your report by logging in. Alternatively, if you made a note of your MMDI code you can recover your results using your code.

Logging in

You can optionally login using Facebook. This has several benefits:

  • The Metarasa system saves your results permanently, so you can track changes in your personality over time.
  • It gives you access to extra questionnaires and reports, such as being able to compare the demands of your job with your personality preferences.
  • It maintains easy and secure access to your results as you do not have an additional password to remember.

Logging in is private and safe. The button redirects you to the Facebook site. When you return, Facebook tell us that you have logged in. We do not see your password or post to your wall.

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