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Optional Report Pack

The optional report pack contains over 300 pages of information and analysis, in PDF format and online, to help you choose and develop your career and relationships. The reports help you to:

Become a better leader

  • Build on your natural strengths, mitigate your natural weaknesses.
  • Recognise the best leadership style to use in different contexts.
  • Identify industries/disciplines that most value your leadership style.
  • Develop greater flexibility in your own leadership.

Discover a better career

  • Compare your unique personality profile with over 300 careers.
  • Identify which careers your closest personality types enjoy most.
  • Predict your enjoyment of each career (based on both your personality and ratings by people in the job).
  • Discover what people in each job like or dislike about it.

Deepen your self-awareness

  • Find out what makes you tick.
  • Discover how you use different mental functions.
  • Reflect on different parts of your personality when playing a card game of 'patience'.
  • View your personality from the differing perspectives of Isabel Briggs Myers and Carl Gustav Jung.

Improve your relationships

  • Learn how to recognise other people's preferences.
  • Understand what makes other people tick (including 'introverted complexity').
  • Discover influencing strategies based on preferences, functions, and whole types.
  • Identify symptoms of stress for each personality type.

Buy Optional Reports

Optional Report Pack Contents List

The report pack includes:

Personality Type Report (18 pages, PDF). Introduction to your personality. Guidance on how to interpret and use results. Preferred team role scores. Personality colours. Percentage match to each personality stereotype. Preferences overview, characteristics, scores and discussion. Your profile. Overview of the 16 types.
Influencing People Using Myers Briggs (book, 93 A4 pages, PDF). Introduction to Myers Briggs theory. How to recognise other people's preferences. What makes each type tick. How to persuade, motivate, and lead each type. Team contributions of each type. Recognising and managing stress. (This is a bonus material included with the Personality Type Report.)
Careers Report (45 pages, PDF). Overview of research into career enjoyment (on which the report is based). Most enjoyable careers overall, by seniority of job, and for your two closest personality types. Analysis of 16 career groups and 100 careers, including your personality match, how people in the job rated it for job enjoyment, and what they liked/disliked about it.
Career Analysis Tool (online, 100 careers). Analysis for each career: Your predicted job enjoyment based on your personality profile match and (b) how highly people in the job rated it for enjoyment. Advanced stretch diagram analysis describing how it matches your personality. Salary potential. (This is a bonus material included with the Careers Report.)
Leadership Report (40 pages, PDF). The different leadership required in different contexts. Overview of your leadership radar. Your leadership profile and development suggestions. Links with personality type. Leadership stretch diagrams comparing your leadership profile with what makes a good leader in different industries and disciplines.
Type Dynamics Report (23 pages, PDF). Your mental muscle diagram explained in detail. Function-attitude scores. True type vs best fit type. Differences between Isabel Briggs Myers' and C.G. Jung's perspectives on your personality. Mental muscle orientations. Individuation. Active vs passive functions.
Self-awareness Game Cards (11 pages, PDF). 56 printable and re-usable cards (can be printed on ordinary paper). Instructions on how to play a game of patience to deepen self-awareness, or for use in team-building. (This is a bonus material included with the Type Dynamics Report.)
Full Pack Bonus. If you purchase the full pack, it includes career analysis for over 300 careers. Also, if logged in, you will receive £20 credit to use for further reports for yourself or as a starter for business use.

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