Understanding your personality profile can help you become a better leader. It helps you discover how to build on your natural strengths and mitigate your weaknesses. It helps you identify the preferences of individuals and cultures of organisations, so you can manage them better and win commitment. And it develops an approach to opposites that helps you recognise and manage the conflicts that can occur in the workplace.

Eight leadership styles

Please complete the MMDI questionnaire to produce your leadership profile. There are eight styles:

  • Goal-oriented leadership involves setting clear and specific objectives for the group and individuals within it.
  • A leadership theorist bases their decisions on evidence, research, and industry best practice.
  • A visionary leader sets a general direction based on the hidden trends in the market or industry in which they operate.
  • Ideological leaders focus the group on those things that are most important.
  • Participative leaders build collective ownership and commitment within the group.
  • A change-oriented leader promotes the exploration of new and better ways of doing things.
  • An executive leader uses a command and control structure to ensure everyone knows what they need to do.
  • Action-oriented leadership focuses on the immediate task at hand and sees it through to fruition.

Develop your leadership potential

There is a Leadership Report in the optional Full Report Pack. It takes an in-depth look at your leadership profile, providing a full explanation of your leadership profile and descriptions of the eight leadership styles. It examines the form that each style takes in your personality as a result its place within your hierarchy of preferences. It suggests ways to build on strengths and mitigate weaknesses. The report also compares your profile with what makes a good leader in various industries, based on research with 600 leaders.

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