Overview of the preferences

In the personality type theory of Isabel Briggs Myers and Katharine Cook Briggs, there are four basic personality dimensions. Each one describes opposing styles of behaving or thinking that you use in everyday life.

  • E vs I - Extraversion involves interacting with people, taking an interest in broad topics, and tending to act first then think. Introversion involves concentrating on a few, deep issues, and thinking things through before acting.
  • S vs N - Sensation looks at facts, takes a practical approach and tends to be interested in clear, detailed information. Intuition looks at potential and possibilities, and tends to be interested in what is not yet known.
  • T vs F - Thinking involves using principles, taking a detached, objective view as an onlooker, analysing and criticising. Feeling involves using values, taking a personal, subjective view as a participant, valuing and appreciating.
  • J vs P - Judgement structures and controls life, making decisions and establishing closure or stability. Perception retains flexibility, inquiring, being spontaneous, keeping options open and waiting to see what develops.

These are only thumbnail sketches of the meaning of the letters. There are many personality traits that are associated with each. There are examples in the next few pages and a comprehensive analysis in the Premium Report Pack.

Discover your own preferences

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