Welcome to your Metarasa (MMDI) personality report (which uses UK English spelling and punctuation). It was developed by Steve Myers (no relation to Isabel Briggs Myers) who is author of Myers-Briggs typology vs Jungian individuation.

This report is different

Most personality reports assign you to one of 16 type codes, and provide a description that is supposedly of your personality. The Metarasa report does something significantly different because you are a unique individual. The codes do not describe individuals, they are stereotypes or reference points. They are like landmarks on a map, which do not describe your unique location but can help you find it.

illustration of a place between cities

Your distance from each stereotype is important. Just as living in the centre of a city is different from living on the outskirts or between cities, so too your personality can be very different depending on how close your personality is to each type. Some people are close to one type, most people are between two or more types.

personality map showing unique personality between types

The impact on your future career

If you make decisions about your career based on one stereotype alone, rather than your unique personality which is between types, it can lead to poor-quality decisions about your future. You might end up in a career that doesn't suit you, or fail to develop your full potential, or create difficulties in your social and working relationships.

Your free online report

After you have completed the Metarasa MMDI questionnaire, the reports can help you:

  • deepen your self-awareness
  • improve your relationships
  • discover careers you will enjoy
  • become a better leader

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